What can I help you with

Understanding the problems and needs of your customers and users

& testing your ideas before you invest monnies in them. It´s tempting to go with your gut or copy the solution of a competitor. Thought he key thing for success is to understand your customers and/or users and their behavior in a given context. What are their problems? What do they need? What do they lack there?

Creating new product or improving existing one

Over the last years, I’ve been creating high level concepts, defining OKRs and UX metrics. But also drawing flows, sketches and creating prototypes. Bread and butter of every designer which essentially leads to awesome products, apps either it’s something very fresh and new or sth existing that needs polishing (or brutally rethinking).

Designing the face and personality of your product

In past years I´ve been mostly perfecting my skills more on the UX and research side, but in past, I´ve worked on visual projects a lot and I find this kind of work very creativity inducing and fulfilling!
Finding the right look and feel for your product is an important step in any product building and it´s the first thing the users see so let´s make a good impression.

Defining and managing the design system

Having a design system can help you keep your designs consistent and once implemented, it´s a great money saver. I´ve spent over 2 years working on design systems, I´ve helped to create it, expand it and manage it.

Expertly pointing out gaps in your product or website

Conducting an analysis of your product is a quick and cheap way how to find out trouble spots that are oftentimes easy to fix. I´ve been using a 10 usability heuristic by Nielsen and Norman.

Dream projects

health tech & mental wellbeing
future of education
science and biotechnology
gov/public services


…reading Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath and Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris

…next thing on my to-do list >30km mountain hike in Slovakia

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Usually working remotely from Czech republic in CET timezone.

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