What can I help you with

Understanding the problems and needs of your customers and users

& testing your ideas before you invest monnies in them. It´s tempting to go with your gut or copy the solution of a competitor. Thought the key thing for success is to understand your customers and/or users and their behavior in a given context. What are their problems? What do they need? What do they lack there?

Making your product a piece of cake

Interacting with digital products can sometimes give you a headache. Let’s not go there with your product. I believe that useful and easy to use product is your greatest weapon. Over the past years I’ve been mainly working with big and complex systems and believe me, even those can be easy to work with!

High level & strategic insights

I love beginnings of the projects. The shaping of an abstract something into very specific chunks. I believe that every project should start with the question Why we are doing this? shortly followed by How do we find out we’re on the right track?
Over the last years, I’ve helped to create high level concepts, define OKRs and UX metrics and I’ll by happy to help you too.

Defining and managing the design system

Having a design system can help you keep your designs consistent and once implemented, it´s a great money saver. I´ve spent over 2 years working on design systems, I´ve helped to create it, expand it and manage it.

I’m interested in

how technology can improve our lives
improving social services
rethinking education
making single purpose product stellar good
quality over quantity

Values I seek at work

no ego bullshit
respect and empathy
flexibility & balance (my health and my family is always my top priority 🤍)
experiment & data-driven mindset


…reading Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely and Tools of Titans by Tim Ferris (this one is looong)

…next thing on my to-do list are autumn trips– Budapest and London, here I come!

Say hi?


Usually working remotely from Czech republic in CET timezone.

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