About me

Hello! 👋
I’m Veronika and I live in Brno, Czech republic 🇨🇿 (the heart of Europe, they say).

I’ve been working as a designer for about 6 years and I consider myself a generalist. I enjoy that every day in the life of a product designer is a bit different.

A fun fact about me is that my background is in science (I studied microbes) but my creative and problem-seeking/solving nature brought me to design (self-taught).

On a more personal note, I love to travel (next up: the Canary Islands) and I’m a foodie 🌮. You can’t offend me with a good coffee, too! I love flowers, architecture, outdoors and my dream is to combine all these pleasures of mine into building a beautiful house in nature, surrounded by flowers. Oh, I forgot a dog. A dog will be there too.

Say hi?


Usually working (remotely) from Czech republic in CET timezone.

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