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Goodbye, tech jargon! We simply translated the app to marketer’s language and make it easier understandable for them.

Automate it. If there was a way how to make the work for them done automatically, we did it. E.g. contact mapping of the forms, that needed to be done manually in past and was very complicated for majority of our users we tested with.

Shortcuts, not workarounds

Important actions done blazing fast. Super happy that we focused on connecting all important apps that marketers need. This had a huge impact on how quickly they can get the work done.

Content hierarchy fixed. In contrast to the old application, we point out important or the most needed information so that users could find what they need easy and fast.

UI Modernization

Beautiful. New design components made all the applications beautiful including new illustrations.

Accesibility. With a new design system, we made sure we are WCAG (AA) compliant.



Easier contact mapping
Simplified tabs on the right
Form properties made marketer-friendly
Interconnecting applications



Group 1067
Group 1066
Condition builder
Many conditions within one group
Condition builder – Third section of conditions added
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Usually working remotely from Czech republic in CET timezone.

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