Marketing Automation

Most marketers love to create and detest repetitive work. Just as many of us, too. Automating simple or advances scenarios like sending sequences of emails based on chosen parameters is a marketers’ lifesaver. But it tends to be too complex, technical and with a steep learning curve. That’s what we’ve improved in this project.

Digital Experience Platform

I’ve dedicated almost 2 years to studying marketers’ way of working and mastering the perfect all-in-one tool for them. A digital experience platform contains contact management, an email hub, forms, and more with advanced functionality of dynamic condition making.

Xperience design system

I helped to create a set of atomic tokens (colors, typography, shadows,…), and decision tokens. Based on these I created components and other more complex compounds while defining rules on how and when to use them.

Sentiment analysis for written content (AI)

AI-powered tools can be super helpful for dull and repetitive work but also to help create or perfect any content. Designing and implementing a sentiment analysis tool was a great experience but also a challenge.

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Usually working remotely from Czech republic in CET timezone.

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